10 Types Of Modular Buildings For Schools

Schools don’t need only classrooms for students to learn, they need many different environments to facilitate the day-to-day needs of the young learners and faculty members. From classrooms and canteens to offices, toilets and changing rooms, all these environments are needed to make a school run like clockwork. But when more space is needed, what do you do? Instead of waiting for extensive construction work to take months to complete, while being costly and disruptive to your educational premises, modular buildings for schools are the ideal solution to choose from and can come in all shapes, sizes and uses.

In this blog, we’re going to go over the 10 types of modular buildings for schools and see just how much better they can be for your premises.

Modular Buildings For Schools

1. Portable Classroom Hire

With classrooms being the main foundation of a school, they have to be designed in a way that benefits different types of learning whilst being hospitable, comfortable and safe at the same time. With portable classroom hire, you can save yourself the trouble of waiting months for more learning space and choose from a variety of layouts to suit your requirements. Portable classrooms are a great temporary solution with the upfront costs being much lower than purchasing a new building.

Set your temporary classroom up as a science lab, display it with maps of the world for geography aficionados or install computers for the next lineup of tech wiz-kids. They are versatile and can be optimised how you like, and, when you no longer need them, a portable classroom can be relocated or repurposed, making it incredibly sustainable.

2. Portable Changing Rooms

One of the best ways to promote your school with quality facilities is to integrate portable changing rooms for students to get ready for P.E lessons, sports events and more. Like regular changing rooms, portable and modular ones can be fitted with everything you’d expect – toilets, showers, wet rooms, changing benches and rooms, lockers and more. Their size can be easily adapted to meet specific requirements and have accessibility features to allow total accessibility.

These are great for schools that have a strong sporting community and offer the chance to install portable changing rooms for your existing students and a separate one for visitors and rival sporting teams, enabling privacy and enhancing student wellbeing, at a fraction of the cost and time it takes to build from scratch.

3. Modular Canteen Buildings

It can be rather annoying when existing canteen space is used up for other uses, such as during the exam season, leaving students with a dysfunctional place to eat. If you’re struggling for space to feed hungry mouths, modular canteens are a top choice. They can be attached to your school kitchen and provide a large space for students to eat or incorporate both cooking and eating areas. They can become hospitable environments for students, staff and visitors, with comfortable furnishings and functional appliances to cook up nutritious meals.

4. Modular Office Buildings

While all of the above spaces are mostly aimed at students but can be utilised by school staff as well, this next modular solution is for hardworking administrative staff members. Modular office buildings can become your new central information hub when your outdated offices just aren’t cutting it.

These cost-effective office buildings feature slick designs and tailored layouts that allow for precise applications. There is more than enough room and can feature multiple office spaces for different members of staff, including head teachers, administrators, counsellors and more.

5. Modular Libraries and Media Centres

For a fantastic way to get students engaged with reading and other forms of media, hire or purchase a modular library or media centre for a quiet, resource-rich environment for students to study and learn in. Fit them out with shelving, a sophisticated technology infrastructure and comfortable seating areas.

These are a great choice for schools that host events or need additional, interactive and engaging spaces for students, visitors and others to use and enjoy.

6. Modular Nursery Buildings

Nursery students also need a safe, fun and engaging learning environment and that need can be fulfilled with modular nursery buildings. This type of modular building is built and installed efficiently to allow you and the young students to use it far sooner than a traditional build.

Modular nursery buildings provide a highly customisable learning space that can be designed the way you choose, with areas for group activities, play areas, toilets and more, in addition to being able to expand your space with growing users. Modular nurseries are constructed from eco-friendly and child safe materials and can be fitted with all manner of bespoke fittings, heating, lighting, cladding and other fixtures.

7. Portable Toilet and Shower Units

Growing numbers of students can take a toll on many school facilities, including toilets and showers. Introducing portable toilet and shower units for your school can benefit your students massively. Not only can they accommodate expanding numbers of students, but they can be strategically placed in areas of high importance, such as near the sports field and exterior classrooms that are far from existing toilet and shower facilities, offering major convenience for users.

Colour code your portable toilet buildings, fit them with electric showers, sinks, toilets, changing areas, LED lighting, timed heaters and more to offer the highest quality of care. You can choose to have toilet blocks or incorporate toilets and showers into one building. DDA facilities can also be fitted making them accessible to all.

8. Auditoriums and Performance Spaces

Modular performance spaces. To be, or not to be? That is the question. Add a modular performance area to your school that can be utilised for drama performances, rehearsals, large gatherings and meetings, designed with stage areas, seating and acoustic considerations. A dedicated space for students to express themselves helps free up other areas of your school building and can be customised fully how you want. They can be installed for long-term means or as a temporary application for extra space to rehearse for the big school play.

9. SEN Classrooms

Special Educational Needs (SEN) requires considerable thought and attention, and a learning environment must be developed specifically for the varying needs of SEN students. Modular SEN-friendly classrooms are the cost-effective and quick solution to provide SEN students with the support and optimal learning environment they need. They can be fitted with ramps built for wheelchair access, feature appropriately sized doors, disabled toilets and other features, such as soft lighting and tactile furniture, specifically designed to benefit children who otherwise struggle in a regular school setting.

10. Portable Cabins for Schools

Portable cabins for schools can be designed, laid out and utilised for almost endless applications. They can be fitted with many amenities, including electrical wiring, insulation and plumbing and be designed to cater to unique needs. If you need additional storage space for your school or could use a portable cabin during busy exam periods, want to create a subject specific classroom, such as a science lab, or want a separate health centre, the choice is up to you. No matter what you choose, know it will be made from durable and safe materials, and fitted with top quality appliances and fixtures.

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