5 Key Benefits of Modular Nursery Buildings

There is a vast array of benefits to choosing a modular nursery building over a traditional one, such as the speed of construction, cost effectiveness, flexibility and scalability. With various customisable options available, as well as the level of quality that is now possible and the reduction of environmental impact, they are also less disruptive to the local neighbourhood and nursery site.

MPB has years of experience installing modular nursery buildings and understands fully the importance of meeting DfE (Department for Education) standards for EYFS (Early Years Foundation Stage). You can chat with one of our expert team for more details and to discuss your unique requirements, but let’s look more closely at the benefits of modular nursery buildings.

Single classroom made from wood located next to a main school building with a green bench outside.

What is a Modular Nursery Building?

A modular nursery building is constructed with modular construction techniques specifically for childcare or early childhood education. Generally, the building is constructed offsite at a controlled factory using the same materials, design codes and standards as traditional buildings, but in around half the amount of time, and in sections, or modules. These sections are then transported to the plot of land where they are assembled, or in some cases, the already constructed building is moved to, and installed, whole onsite ready for services connections.

Nursery modular buildings are designed and built to meet the needs of young children and staff with child-sized facilities and safe, durable materials used to create classrooms, nap areas, bathrooms and play zones. Nursery modular buildings can be designed with aesthetic considerations such as vibrant colours and child-friendly themes to create an engaging and stimulating environment for children. They can comply with all building, health and safety codes and regulations and are designed with energy-efficient materials and systems to provide a quickly installed and cost-effective solution to childcare provision.

1. Adaptable Learning Environments

Modular nursery buildings are exceptionally adaptable for a learning environment – much more adaptable than a traditional one. Modular buildings can be easily expanded, allowing for future growth as modules can easily be added, reconfigured or even relocated to larger premises with relative ease compared to fixed traditional structures.

Should the nursery need to accommodate more children or provide additional facilities, new modules can be connected in a fraction of the time that building an extension to a traditional building would take. With the minimum of disruption to the running of the nursery, a modular nursery building can adapt and change according to the morphing needs of the organisation.

2. Enhanced Safety

Compared to traditional construction, modular nursery buildings are created in a factory setting which reduces the amount of disruption and possible accidents or errors taking place onsite. They are always constructed to meet the building needs and standards of traditional structures. The materials used are generally very durable meaning they are safe to use for years to come.

Modular nursery buildings are often designed with enhanced fire safety features and the air quality is easier to control, meaning cleaner air environments and a massively reduced risk of mould and mildew. The bespoke elements of the nursery’s modular building can also be customised specifically for child safety with rounded corners, child-proofed fixtures and secure, age-appropriate zones.

MPB is fully aware of the requirements of the DfE for nursery and EYFS provision and will ensure your nursery modular building meets all the safety standards and regulations.

3. Providing Stimulating Sensory Spaces

Modular nursery buildings can offer amazingly sensory-rich environments for children by using colourful walls, textured surfaces, interactive play elements and more. Lighting can be controlled and adjusted to provide different levels of light and colour for various zones and activities with vibrant areas for play and softer low-lit areas for relaxation or nap times.

Colour and texture can be used in the building’s interior with patterns and wall displays, interactive whiteboards and projectors for visual stimulation and surfaces that are smooth, rough, soft or hard to stimulate the sense of touch through walls, flooring, cushions and rugs. Indoor and outdoor play with sensory play in mind can be created with sandpits, water tables and interactive play equipment both inside and outside the modular nursery building.

The amazing flexibility of modular nursery buildings is that it’s simple to design them with easy access to the outdoors allowing children to benefit from sensory gardens and outdoor learning and play. There is the option to include sensory spaces inside modular nurseries which cater to children with sensory processing needs, such as sensitivities and developmental differences.

4. Designed And Built Around Your Nursery’s Needs

Nursery modular buildings are customisable to your very specific requirements – depending on your children and their needs. The sensory environment can be designed into the building as well as the addition of child-sized facilities in toilet areas and accessibility for those with physical needs – creating a fully inclusive environment. If your nursery provision is already established then taking an audit of the needs of your nursery in terms of the number of children, age groups, staff requirements and educational philosophies will help you to create a design that fully meets your business’s needs.

If you’re planning to open a brand new nursery provision, then deciding how you want to design your nursery’s modular building will, most likely, tailor the children and families you will be able to best serve. Some considerations for the design of your nursery’s needs will include:

  • Flexible and adaptable spaces
  • Safety and accessibility
  • Age-appropriate design
  • Stimulating learning environments
  • Indoor and outdoor integration
  • Sustainable and healthy materials
  • Comfort and climate control
  • Technology integration
  • Community and parental involvement spaces
  • Customised aesthetics

5. Not Just A Temporary Solution

Whilst nursery modular buildings can often be perceived as temporary solutions, they are actually designed and constructed as permanent facilities that can last for decades. As nursery modular buildings are made with high-quality materials and techniques that rival or exceed traditional construction standards, they are extremely robust. All the same building codes and regulations a traditional structure has to adhere to apply to modular constructions, and this ensures their safety, durability and habitability.

Most modular nursery buildings are placed on permanent foundations, which secures their long-term stability and durability. Thanks to their quality of construction and use of durable materials, modular nursery buildings often require less maintenance over time compared to traditional buildings and as they can also be easily expanded or reconfigured, they can extend their useful life over years, adapting to the growing and changing requirements of the nursery.

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If you’re considering upgrading your current nursery facilities or launching into a new business venture, a modular nursery building is going to make your project much cheaper, quicker and easier to get off the ground – enabling you to open your doors to your new children and families in the shortest possible time. Not only do we offer a turnkey service to design the bespoke nursery facility you’re dreaming of, but if you want to save some of your funding you can also consider a refurbished modular building which can be customised to your unique needs in the same way a brand new construction can. Get in touch with a member of our expert team today to get a free quote for your project.

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