5 Key Benefits of Hiring Temporary Classrooms

More schools are looking for quick, easy and energy-efficient solutions to accommodate growing numbers of students and have temporary, designated areas for learning. Many schools and educational institutions rent a classroom for these reasons.

MPB specialises in constructing, delivering and installing temporary classrooms that you can hire, and this blog will explain the five key benefits of doing so.

Hiring Temporary Classrooms

1. A Cheaper and More Cost-Effective Solution

Ever taken the long road when seeking additional space? If your school has had any new construction take place, you’ll most likely remember how expensive it was and how long it took to complete. Even a seemingly small construction project can take months to build, and traditional brick-and-mortar methods often come with unexpected delays and issues, adding to the overall costs.

Classroom rental with a modular or portable building takes a mere few weeks to complete and is significantly cheaper to construct. We understand school budgets are often extremely tight, meaning whatever you spend it on must be made to high standards and not go over budget. But that is easier said than done. With modular classroom rental, you’ll save on labour and construction expenses and you’ll have a more cost-effective temporary accommodation for your short-term needs while a new building is being repaired or constructed.

2. A Perfect Short-Term Solution

Speaking of short-term solutions, portable classroom rental is ideal for the temporary needs of students and staff, whether they are for a primary or secondary school, college or university. There could be several reasons why your premises requires a short-term solution:

Staff and students might need temporary accommodation in between finding more permanent spaces for learning.

Large groups of visitors for different events can benefit from designated learning areas.

When existing buildings undergo renovations, prefab classroom rental ensures that education continues uninterrupted.

In the aftermath of the RAAC scandal that has affected schools nationwide, portable classrooms can be rapidly deployed while remedial work takes place, and removed quickly when you no longer require them.

Whatever your short-term needs are when you rent a classroom that is modular or portable, they are the perfect solution for your education establishment to meet immediate space requirements.

3. Greater Adaptability for Fluctuating Student Populations

It can be disheartening for students to receive news they can’t be enrolled in their school, college or university of choice due to too many numbers of pupils and lack of space to accommodate their learning. There has been an increase in student populations over recent years and many schools have struggled to create enough space. That’s where portable classroom rental comes into play. With the increasing numbers of school pupils expected to rise 15% by 2027, there is a stark need for more facilities in education and a modular classroom can facilitate this much quicker and more cost-effectively than traditional buildings. There are even several types and sizes of modular classrooms to rent, from double modular classrooms that house two classrooms within one modular building or a single modular classroom that is perfect for classes of 30 students.

These buildings can also be used for more than just learning spaces, as schools are using modular buildings for special needs facilities, toilets, changing rooms, administrative spaces, shower facilities, staffrooms and much more. They can be designed to suit varying needs depending on why your school needs them for your increasing student population.

4. Minimal Disruption During Installation

Schools must be a stable environment for students to learn, and distractions can be detrimental and lead to poor grades and other various issues. This is especially so with traditional construction with longer building times and loud, disruptive machinery and building techniques taking place. Thanks to their quick construction – which can be done off-site – modular classroom rental is the most viable choice you could make to benefit your students – with the least disruption on site.

While they are being constructed or refurbished for your particular educational needs, a team will be conducting groundwork to help with the smooth and efficient transition of construction, keeping the installation time shorter. Additionally, delivery to installation only takes around 12 weeks and sometimes less, meaning the school holidays are an excellent time to get these modular buildings set up at your school and ready for use.

5. Keeps Energy Costs to a Minimum

Temporary classrooms are installed quickly and effectively to cause as little disruption to the learning environment as possible. This fast deployment is a calculated move to save energy expenses, with energy-efficient insulation, lighting and other technologies, such as solar panels, able to be installed in their construction.

Schools can avoid the long-term energy costs associated with standard construction projects by swiftly erecting these structures. Because of their quicker setup, there is less need for construction equipment on the site, which reduces the carbon impact of adding more learning spaces. Temporary classroom designs also frequently make use of natural light, which lessens the need for artificial lighting and, therefore, energy consumption.

The installation is just the beginning of this efficiency. Modular classrooms continue to offer affordable alternatives as they consume less energy while in use. Their modern construction methods and materials guarantee optimal heating and cooling efficiency, thereby reducing energy expenses and rendering them a sustainable option for growing educational establishments.

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