5 Key Benefits of Modular Classrooms

If you’re looking at expanding your school and don’t know where to start, here at MPB Temporary Classrooms, we can point you in the right direction. In this blog we are going to look at modular classrooms, what the five main advantages are of modular educational buildings and why they are the perfect solution to your classroom needs.

Temporary modular classroom for Wellingborough Independent School

What are Modular Classrooms?

A modular classroom is a type of educational facility that is designed and constructed using modular building techniques. Unlike traditional classrooms, which are built on-site from scratch, modular classrooms are prefabricated in a factory and then transported to the school site for assembly. These classrooms are typically made up of individual modules or sections that are designed to fit together seamlessly, creating a functional and fully equipped learning space.

Modular Classroom Advantages

1. A Cost-Effective Classroom Solution

In comparison to traditional construction methods, prefab classrooms can be significantly more cost-effective. The off-site construction methods used to create these types of classrooms mean they are considerably cheaper than traditional brick-built classrooms. The construction process is more efficient and streamlined in comparison to traditional on-site building methods.

Modular classrooms are prefabricated in a controlled environment, reducing the risk of weather-related delays and ensuring consistent quality. This results in lower labour costs and shorter construction timelines. This type of classroom is also highly adaptable and can be easily expanded or repurposed without significant expenses, allowing schools to respond to changing student counts or needs efficiently.

2. Quick and Easy Construction

With modular classroom construction taking half of the time of traditional construction methods, for many schools, colleges and universities, investing in prefab classrooms is a no-brainer. With this type of construction being extremely adaptable, this style of classroom can be produced swiftly, fulfilling your expanding needs quicker than investing in bricks and mortar.

On average, a modular classroom can be built and delivered to your site in as little as 12 weeks, accommodating your students faster and without disruption to school activities.

Here at MPB Temporary Classrooms, we aim to get your educational building to you within 8 to 12 weeks, so you can get on with providing the highest quality educational services to your students.

3. Designed to Suit Your School’s Needs

One of our main aims here at MPB Temporary Classrooms is to ensure all our classrooms are completely bespoke to every school’s individual needs. Creating the ideal environment for both students and teachers, so the educational experience is done in a comfortable and encouraging environment.

With educational resources being stretched to capacity, a modular classroom can be designed to resolve your issues, whether that’s a study space for universities, a single additional classroom for your college or an entirely new faculty block for your school. Each and every modular building we create can provide you with all the amenities your educational institution needs.

4. High-Quality and Built to Last

Although we may go by the name MPB Temporary Classrooms, all of our educational buildings are created to the highest quality to ensure they will stand the test of time. Our high-quality controlled factory manufacturing process allows us to create a superior quality build on every modular building in comparison to traditional methods.

With prefabrication, it enables us to use exact specifications, precision equipment and standardised building procedures to ensure the highest quality builds. You can rest assured your modular classroom will last for decades, even though they are considered as temporary options for education settings.

5. Easily Expandable and Adaptable

All of our prefab classrooms are easily expandable and adaptable to your educational needs. Their modular design allows for straightforward expansion by adding additional modules, providing schools with the flexibility to accommodate growing student populations without the disruption and cost associated with traditional construction. With each classroom easily reconfigured and repurposed to meet ever-changing needs.

Each modular building can also have a range of amenities featured such as toilets, showers and changing rooms should your educational facility need them. This adaptability ensures that schools can efficiently utilise their space and resources, staying in step with the constantly changing demands of modern education while optimising their investment in modular classrooms.

Bonus: 6. A Sustainable Classroom Solution

With a growing need for more sustainable practices, investing in modular classrooms can provide a sustainable alternative to other construction methods. Leading by example, educational institutions that choose to invest in modular construction are also educating their students on sustainable practices.

Not only that, at MPB Temporary Classrooms, we also offer the chance to purchase refurbished modular classrooms that have previously been used but have been refurbished to the highest standard to ensure their longevity and quality. This option is another way of contributing to sustainable practices whilst also having a cost-effective option for institutions with smaller budgets.

The overall manufacturing process for prefabricated buildings also decreases the overall carbon footprint in comparison to traditional construction methods. Machinery and equipment that would typically be used in regular construction are no longer necessary, therefore reducing the carbon footprint of the construction.

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Modular classrooms are well-suited for educational settings due to their efficiency, adaptability and cost-effectiveness. Their construction process is efficient and minimises delays, making them a timely solution for addressing space needs. They can easily adapt to changing educational requirements by adding or reconfiguring modules, offering flexibility for schools as their needs evolve.

Moreover, their energy-efficient design can lead to long-term cost savings. Overall, modular classrooms provide schools, colleges and universities with a practical and versatile solution to meet their ever-changing educational needs.