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Dining Rooms

Modular Dining Halls and Canteen Buildings

School dining rooms or canteens are required to cater for a high volume of students and staff. Choosing a modular building means you can make it as large as needed. Another benefit is they can be taken apart and relocated to a new area on site should you need to.

These buildings can be designed to fit in with existing buildings by adding external cladding such brick-slip or given a modern feel with cedar cladding. Standard or floor-length windows will allow plenty of natural light into the building. Internal fixtures, fittings and décor are of high quality making sure hygiene standards can be met. We can supply fully fitted kitchens including ovens, fridges, freezers and store cupboards.

Toilets and washroom facilities can be added should the modular building be further away from any of the existing building toilets.

Midlands Portable Buildings can help source and organise furniture that suit your needs. This may be furniture that can be easily stored away allowing the room to be open and used for other activities such as sport or drama.

Hiring a Modular Dining Hall

Often there is a need to provide temporary dining facilities at a school, college or university, these causes can range from unfortunate circumstances such as a flood or fire and sometimes it can be caused because the existing dining hall is being renovated.

We can offer a temporary solution using one of our modular building systems on either a short or long term hire basis. These buildings are geared to provide fast space with all the facilities that a school might require. Our temporary dining room facilities can come complete with a fully fitted out kitchen area for food preparation and also toilet blocks.

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