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Mobile Changing Rooms

Mobile Changing Rooms - Promote your School with Quality Facilities

Does your school require extra or improved changing facilities on a permanent or temporary basis? At MPB, we believe our mobile changing rooms are the answer.

They can be an integral part of the school, not only for your own staff and pupils but for those of a visiting school. Quite often these facilities can be overlooked! We want to help prepare your pupils and school teams to succeed in their physical activities by providing you with high quality welfare buildings.

Modular Changing Rooms

Accessible Welfare Facilities

As part of our comprehensive modular changing rooms we can create welfare areas specifically designed to suit those with additional needs.

  • DDA Toilets
  • Wet Rooms and Shower Facilities
  • Hoists
  • Changing Bench

Our aim is to provide you with building that can be used by everyone. Help us to create a space designed to suit all of your needs.

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