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See below for examples of the superior quality buildings that MPB have installed in other educational settings. We have decades of experience at installing modular classrooms, nurseries, toilets, changing rooms, shower blocks and more.

Prefabricated Classrooms - Featured Image

Unique Uses for Prefabricated Classrooms 

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Hiring Temporary Classrooms - Featured Image

5 Key Benefits of Hiring Temporary Classrooms

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School Buildings - Featured Image

5 Simple Ways to Improve Your School Buildings

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Prefabricated School Buildings - Featured Image

Environmental Benefits of Prefabricated School Buildings

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Modular Buildings For Schools - Featured Image

10 Types Of Modular Buildings For Schools

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Modular Nursery Buildings

5 Key Benefits of Modular Nursery Buildings

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Portable Classroom featured images

5 Key Benefits of Modular Classrooms

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Portable Classrooms Myths

10 Portable Classroom Myths Debunked

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Sustainable School Buildings

10 Ways to Make Your School More Sustainable

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Temporary Classrooms

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