Refurbished Double Modular Classroom

We were contacted earlier this year by Beths Grammar School to provide a temporary classroom to accommodate their students whilst building work is going on in the main building. We have refurbished a 21.0m x 10m, 7 bay modular building and worked closely with the school to come up with a classroom layout that suited their needs. They required 2 large classrooms, 1 smaller classroom ideal for intervention groups, 2 offices and a lobby area.

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As this building is for a temporary amount of time, the modular classroom is installed onto a Jackpad system. These are much easier to remove if you know that the building is only going to be there for a short while whilst providing a stable level platform on which to site a building.

The external aesthetics are fresh and modern with timber cladding and anthracite windows. All of the internals of the modular classroom building are built from new materials, including updating the electrics to the current standards.

Each classroom has been fitted with air conditioning that heats or cools the classrooms ensuring a comfortable learning environment for the students.

Installing this building came with its own set of challenges as the access was very tight, but careful driving from a local haulage company managed to manoeuvre into the location of the new modular classroom. A big thank you to, Lymers Assist, for an excellent job in less than favourable circumstances. A crane was hired from a local supplier to the school, who provided excellent lift services on site, enabling us to site the building in the desired position.

See our photos below or take a look at our walk around the building here.

Building Specification
Siberian Larch timber cladding
UPVC double glazed windows in anthracite
UPVC double glazed double doors in anthracite
Vinyl-faced plasterboard
Vinyl Flooring
A/C units with cages
Internal wooden fire doors
LED baton lighting
New electrics installed
Timber ramp
Timber steps