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See below for examples of the superior quality buildings that MPB have installed in other educational settings. We have decades of experience at installing modular classrooms, nurseries, toilets, changing rooms, shower blocks and more.

Grey temporary classroom

Newport Girls High School

August 23, 2023

Our customer contacted us in early November 2020. They were in a situation where they needed to hire a double modular classroom...

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Temporary classroom solution for Blackpool Gateway Academy

Blackpool Gateway Academy

August 23, 2023

Refurbished 5 Bay Delivered to Blackpool Gateway Academy for Hire We have delivered and installed a refurbished 5 bay to Blackpool Gateway Academy...

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Timber double modular temporary classroom with ramp access

Refurbished Double Modular Classroom

August 23, 2023

We were contacted earlier this year by Beths Grammar School to provide a temporary classroom to accommodate their students whilst building work is...

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Double modular classroom for Knole Academy

Double Classroom for Knole Academy

August 23, 2023

Successful Design, Manufacture, Delivery, and Installation of a 5-Bay Modular Classroom Building at Sevenoaks School in Kent with Concrete...

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Temporary Classroom with access ramp

Temporary Classrooms

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