Whitgreave Primary School

15 Bays Delivered to Whitgreave Primary School to Create 6 New Modular Classrooms

In June 2019, Whitgreave Primary School approached us with the idea of bringing their infant school onto the same site as their junior school. One of our sales team attended the site to discuss with the school leaders what their ideas were. This involved working out how best to arrange the modular classrooms for maximum space without losing too much of the playground.

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The school had organised their own planning and liaised with the council about their proposal. As this was a big building project, careful planning of the groundwork preparation, delivery and installation had to be considered. For the vehicles to have easier access to the site, we had to apply to the council to have a drop curb installed. Alongside this, an intricate trackway was laid to help protect the playground from the weight of the vehicles being used.

The foundations to this project were extremely in-depth and an expert contractor was used to ensure all regulations were met. The new buildings’ mains (electrical and plumbing) were also connected to the original school building. The foul water drainage was connected to a current nearby manhole. The school organised to have a new mains board fitted to ensure there would be enough power to run the original and new school buildings.

Our clients were keen for the front elevation of the building to look in-keeping with the original, so a two-tone buff coloured brick-slip cladding was attached to the plastisol steel. The side and rear elevations are Goosewing Grey plastisol steel. All windows are double glazed, white UPVC windows. The external doors are made from plastisol coated steel doors painted blue to match the school colours. Steps and ramps are used for access for both buildings.

We organised and completed all building regulations.

The buildings consisted of:

Plastisol steel and brick slip cladding exterior
Vinyl-faced plasterboard interior
Steel external doors with vision panels
Carpet and vinyl flooring
LED lights
Panel heaters
Toilet and hand washing facilities
Power sockets
Internal and external staircase