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Modular Classrooms for Hire

When a short-term need arises for classroom space, a cost-effective and speedy solution is to rent a temporary classroom. Mobile classrooms for rent can supply the answer to a building renovation or localised natural disaster.
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Why Us?

  • Speedy installation
  • New or refurbished units
  • Professional service

Type of Modular Classrooms for Hire

MPB Temporary Classrooms provides single and double modular classrooms for rent. An ideal solution for schools needing extra space for a single class of students, whereas double modular classrooms provide two mirror-image classrooms with a lobby area between, and additional storeys can offer further flexibility.

Classrooms For Hire

Additional classroom space might be a short-lived requirement. A renovation that knocks existing teaching space out of action, a larger year group or the requirement for a specialised teaching space – regardless of the need, a temporary classroom for rent can be the simplest solution.

We don’t only supply temporary classrooms to rent, we can also supply nurseries, changing rooms, toilets and shower blocks – whatever the requirement we can modify the rental building to your needs. A rented mobile classroom can be installed in the shortest possible timeframe, to a schedule that suits your staff and students and can be easily removed or relocated when the need for it has been fulfilled. Available at a fraction of purchasing or building a traditional classroom, the rent of a modular classroom is budget-friendly and enables your educational establishment to continue to operate with high quality facilities.

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Our Services

Planning Applications and Building Regulations

With years of experience in the industry, we know all the regulations and legalities and can guide you through the process of planning applications and building regulations, or we can manage the whole procedure for you with our complete turnkey service.

Exterior Cladding

With a wide range of cladding options to choose from, you can select an aesthetically pleasing option to help your portable classroom look as if it’s always been there. With different timber options at various price points, brick slip cladding – to match your traditional main building – or Clad-ex for a new portable building, our cladding options keep your building energy-efficient.

Cabin Transport and Relocation

All of our modular buildings are manufactured offsite and then transported and installed on your site with the shortest possible lead time. As our modular buildings are portable, they can also be relocated and reassembled if needed – meeting the evolving needs of the educational establishment.

Building Refurbishment

If you already have a portable modular building that is starting to look a bit tired, then we’re also skilled at refurbishing. If you are constrained by a budget, then you could also consider one of our refurbished buildings which is much less expensive than a new modular building.


All of the foundation preparation, installation of mains services, ducting and drainage will be taken care of by our skilled engineers, giving you peace of mind that it will be professionally installed and fully compliant.

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‘Don’t tell me what you want – tell me what you want to achieve’

by H. Rackham

Hire Modular Classroom – Cost Effective and Worry Free

If your need for additional classroom space isn’t permanent, then by far and away the most cost-effective means to find what you need is to rent a modular classroom.

Short-term solution

Able to be customised and installed for a short period, and then removed when no longer required, a modular classroom rental contract is 52 weeks and is a budget-friendly solution to a non-permanent need.


Although cheaper than a brick-and-mortar option, a modular building is still a greater cost to purchase than to hire. MPB can customise your temporary classroom to give you the best value for money.

See our range of temporary classrooms to rent and get in touch with our expert team to discuss your options in terms of customisation and monthly costs.

View our range of modular buildings available for hire and get in touch with a knowledgeable member of our team about what options are open to you in terms of modifications and monthly costs.

Our Hire Process

Step 01 – Design Phase

We discuss the option you have selected for your classroom for hire and any modifications you want to have added. A quote is agreed upon and then we visit your site to check for any access issues.

Step 02 – Planning and Compliance

A planning application has to be made for buildings in place longer than 28 days – taking between 8 and 12 weeks approximately. When the planning permission is granted a building regulation application is made. You can do this yourself or use our turnkey service for our team to manage it on your behalf.

Step 03 – Groundworks and Modifications

Offsite, the classroom you’re hiring will undergo the modifications and refurbishments required, while onsite our groundworks teams prepare foundations, mains connections, ducting and drainage – speeding up the lead times.

Step 04 – Installation

We transport your rented modular classroom to your site and our expert team will install the building with all interior and exterior modifications completed.

Step 05 – Snagging and Handover

All final snagging tasks are checked and completed and when you’re fully satisfied, the keys are handed over for you to start using your hired classroom.

Get a Quote

If you’re considering buying or hiring a modular classroom, nursery or building for other amenities or curriculum purposes, then why not get in touch with a knowledgeable member of our team? Our speedy lead times and competitive prices mean that you could be benefitting from a new modular building for your educational establishment sooner than you thought possible.