How Can Schools Save Money with Temporary School Buildings?

In this blog we are going to dive into the world of temporary school buildings and explain why they are the perfect solution for a range of applications and, even better, fit your budget.

Temporary School Buildings

1. Improved Energy Efficiency

Temporary modular school buildings improve energy efficiency through several key design and construction features. Firstly, the controlled factory environment allows for precise assembly, ensuring that the buildings are airtight, minimising thermal bridges where heat could escape, and with the use of cutting-edge technology, little waste is created in the production process.

These buildings are often constructed with high-quality materials that provide excellent insulation, reducing the need for excessive heating and cooling, and many green modular school buildings also incorporate energy-efficient systems like LED lighting, programmable thermostats and double-glazed windows. They can also be designed to make optimal use of natural light, further reducing electricity consumption and ultimately saving schools a lot of money with reduced energy costs.

2. Temporary School Buildings Are Highly Versatile

Temporary modular school buildings can be adapted for a wide range of educational needs in primary schools, secondary schools, colleges, universities and more. They can easily be scaled up or down to suit changing class sizes, making them ideal for faculties that experience fluctuating student populations or phased renovations. They can also be easily relocated if needed elsewhere and can be used as classrooms, canteens, libraries, laboratories, offices, changing rooms and toilets.

3. Temporary Modular School Buildings Are Faster and Cheaper to Install

A huge benefit of temporary modular school buildings is how quickly they can be in situ and operational. From the moment you approve the designs tailored to your individual requirements, they can take less than 50% of the time a traditional brick-and-mortar building would to be completed, delivered, installed and in use. Depending on the configuration, this could be a matter of weeks.

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