How Can Schools Save Money With Modular School Buildings?

Schools have historically always struggled with managing ever-tightening budgets and the situation doesn’t look to be improving any time soon. With pupil numbers rising rapidly, the country’s current cost of living crisis and inflated energy costs, not to mention the time-bomb of RAAC in the structures of many school buildings, head teachers can be excused from falling into despair.

Extending traditionally constructed buildings with similar extensions or additional buildings can take months and months not to mention the cost – in case you hadn’t spotted it, Brexit has pushed up the price of construction materials too! But new technology has been moving forward and there is now a much cheaper, and quicker, alternative to providing schools with the additional space that they need. This blog looks at how modular buildings, such as modular classrooms, are the answer to the problem that most schools are trying to figure out how to manage.

Blue and Grey Modular Classroom Building

What are modular buildings?

Based on the principle of a ‘module’ that can be connected, built together or stacked, modular buildings can be constructed and adapted rather like Lego blocks. Light years ahead of the ugly, old pre-fab buildings that used to be a temporary fix in the past, the new modular buildings of today are built from high-quality materials and aesthetically made to fit seamlessly with your current buildings – looking as if they were always there.

Able to be constructed offsite, whilst the onsite team prepare the foundations and connection of mains supplies such as electricity, gas, water and wastewater as well as drainage and ducting – the building can be installed in a matter of weeks. The modular building structure means that they can be connected to your main building, divided or even stacked to make the bespoke space your school needs.

How do modular buildings save money?

There are several ways in which choosing a modular classroom for your school will save money for your already tight budget:

Time saving

As they say, ‘time is money’ and saving time on a long and complicated building project will allow your expanding classes the freedom of their new classroom spaces more quickly. A traditional building, depending on its size and complexity, takes months to complete – sometimes longer with weather delays – and these days with the supply chain in accessing construction materials being so slow, lead times are only likely to be extended. A modular classroom or changing room, on the other hand, can be constructed, positioned and fully installed in a matter of weeks – meaning you pay far less to the company installing it than to a construction crew for the months they’ll take to build a bricks and mortar extension. You can potentially have a portable classroom designed, built and installed during the school’s summer holidays, saving disruption to the school’s day-to-day learning activities.

Energy efficiency

Modular buildings are not the sweaty-in-the-summer, arctic-in-the-winter sheds on the edge of the playground that they used to be. Made with newer technology and materials, such as double-glazed windows and insulated walls they are more energy efficient on your school’s energy bills, saving you money that will keep your school’s accountant happy. The modular classrooms we install at MPB Temporary Classrooms can be fitted with energy-saving technology, such as sensor lights, thermostatic, timed heating and cooling systems and LED lights – all designed to save your school’s budget.

Environmentally friendly

The added bonus of modular buildings is that they can be repurposed when their initial use is over, and you can sell them on or repurpose them, even relocating to another site, if the needs of the school change. If the school’s budget is particularly stretched, you could even consider purchasing a refurbished modular building which can be remodelled to your exact needs, or if the requirement for extra space is temporary, a hired option is also a very cost-effective solution, and more environmentally friendly at the same time.


The materials that a modular classroom is built with are much cheaper than the costs of traditional building matter. Not only are the traditional bricks, mortar and other materials harder to get hold of and less environmentally friendly, but they cost more and a traditional construction needs more of them. A temporary building will be installed at a fraction of the cost of a traditional building extension.

Why choose a modular building for our school’s needs?

Beyond the fact that modular classrooms are more environmentally friendly, cheaper and quicker to construct than a traditional building and are extremely energy efficient, they are also not as temporary as you might have thought. Although they can be classed as temporary buildings, and some schools may only need one for a short-term issue, they are, in fact, incredibly robust and, if well looked after, can last for thirty years or more – providing some schools with much-needed extra teaching space or changing rooms.

With rising numbers of students looking for school places, being able to increase your intake without overstretching your current facilities in such a cost-effective way is a no-brainer.

Midlands Portable Buildings for your modular classroom needs

With years of experience in the industry, MPB has designed and installed hundreds of modular classrooms for schools across the country. This experience and the expertise that goes with it will give you peace of mind that your modular classroom project is in the best hands possible. If you’re considering adding a modular classroom, changing room or other modular building, whether you want a brand new bespoke design, or a refurbished, as-good-as-new, unit, our expert team are on hand to discuss your needs and help you meet them.

For a free, no-obligation quote, or to discuss the possibilities of what you’re thinking of acquiring, get in touch with a member of our expert team today or pick up the phone to chat.