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We offer high-quality, modular classrooms, nurseries and other educational buildings, both singular and double units. The practical and flexible answer to your school’s need for additional space, we have a wide range of modular classroom units.
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Why MPB?

  • Our team all carry an enhanced DBS certificate
  • High-quality products and materials
  • Flexible use
  • Rapid installation

Type of Modular Classrooms Available

MPB provides single and double modular classrooms. Singular classrooms are ideal for schools needing extra space for a single class of students, whereas double modular classrooms provide two mirror-image classrooms with a lobby area between, and additional storeys can offer further flexibility.

What are Modular Classrooms?

When it comes to speed, modular school classrooms are true winners. They go from design to reality in record time – making them the ideal solution to unexpected peaks in enrolment or evolving curriculum needs.

Modular classrooms are a smart and budget-friendly solution for expanding your school’s useable spaces without the headache of traditional construction. These prefabricated modular classrooms are expertly crafted offsite and then assembled on your school’s grounds, providing a quick and efficient way to accommodate your growing needs. One of the best features of a modular building for a school is its incredible flexibility. They can easily move or be reconfigured as requirements change over time, adapting to the changing needs of the school. Whether you need additional temporary classroom space or a more permanent solution, a modular classroom is the answer.

Our Services

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Planning Applications & Building Regulations

With years of experience in the industry, we know all the regulations and legalities and can guide you through the process of planning applications and building regulations, or we can manage the whole procedure for you with our complete turnkey service.


Exterior Cladding

With a wide range of cladding options to choose from, you can select an aesthetically pleasing option to help your portable classroom look as if it’s always been there. With different timber options at various price points, brick slip cladding – to match your traditional main building – or Clad-ex for a new portable building, our cladding options keep your building energy-efficient.

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Cabin Transport and Relocation

All of our modular buildings are manufactured offsite and then transported and installed on your site with the shortest possible lead time. As our modular buildings are portable, they can also be relocated and reassembled if needed – meeting the evolving needs of the educational establishment.



All of the foundation preparation, installation of mains services, ducting and drainage will be taken care of by our skilled engineers, giving you peace of mind that it will be professionally installed and fully compliant.

What are the Benefits of Modular Classrooms?

Modular classroom buildings have a vast array of benefits for schools, nurseries, universities and all forms of educational establishment. With rapidly changing numbers of students and curriculum needs, a modular classroom is a smart and efficient solution, cost-effective and flexible.


Built with minimal impact on the environment and using high-quality materials to meet building regulations, they are built to last for decades, even though they’re considered temporary buildings.

Additional Space

A quick way to create additional space for expanding student numbers or curriculum changes, a modular classroom creates almost instant new space at a fraction of the cost of a traditional construction.


As non-permanent structures, modular classrooms can be easily moved around the school’s grounds and removed when no longer needed or even taken to new premises. They’re built to withstand the wear and tear of transportation.

Quick and Easy to Construct

Modular classroom buildings are constructed offsite and can be installed in a matter of a few days, massively reducing the disruption to the school and avoiding the delays of traditional extensions.

Bespoke Design

Our bespoke modular classroom buildings can be constructed to suit the needs of teachers and pupils – providing the best facilities for a fulfilling education. We take care of the whole process to ensure your building meets your exact specifications.


We use energy-efficient materials and systems which help to reduce operating costs and improve the overall sustainability of the school – making your educational establishment more eco-friendly.

Our Process

Step 01 – Design Phase

We work with you to create the design proposal and quotation, and if these are agreed upon, we will visit the site to inspect the site for access restrictions.

Step 02 – Planning and Compliance

You can apply for your planning permission, or we can provide the service to take it on for you. Planning applications generally take 8 – 12 weeks and when agreed a building regulation application will be set in motion.

Step 03 – Groundworks and Manufacturing

Onsite the groundworks are prepared including mains services, ducting and drainage while offsite the manufacture of your building begins.

Step 04 – Installation

Your building is delivered to the site with the associated labour and equipment to ensure a smooth installation. All interior and exterior installations are completed for handover to you.

Step 05 – Snagging and Handover

Any snagging works that you have noticed will be agreed upon and attended to and, once you are satisfied, we hand the building and keys over to you.

Additional Facilities for Your Modular Buildings Schools

Depending on the location of your modular classroom, you may want to consider some facilities for the teachers and students who will use the building. Heating and air conditioning units, storage cupboards and other areas are popular additions, and all extra facilities need to meet building regulations.

A lobby area where outdoor clothing can be stowed, toilets and a kitchen area may be needed if the new modular classroom is further away from other facilities to ensure the comfort of all those using the new installation. Disabled access with ramps and DDA toilets, as well as canopies for students waiting to enter classrooms in inclement weather, can be added to your modular classroom to ensure the safety and convenience of those using the building regularly. If the mobile classroom is likely to be a longer-term solution to overcrowding in the school, then some of these essential additional facilities are going to be necessary, and with decades of experience in installing these types of buildings and their facilities, MPB has got you covered.

What Do Our Customers Say?

Richard Ellis
Deputy Head, Summerfield Primary School

“We chose Midland Portable Buildings following thorough research and comparison with competitors. We decided to choose MPB as their quote was very competitive and we were confident from the initial meetings that they were a company that we could trust to do a thorough job. We have been very satisfied with the result of the work and now have a very high quality building to further enhance the facilities here at school.

I am particularly impressed with the standard of the workmanship, the snag free finish and the flexibility that MPB offered to fit around school holidays and the various problems that holidays can bring with regard to site access etc. I would unreservedly recommend MPB and would be happy to speak to anyone interested in using their services.”

Frequently Asked Questions

How much do modular classrooms cost?

The cost of a modular classroom build will vary depending on the size of the installation. The amount of other amenities, such as toilets, kitchenettes and other additions will all change and increase the cost of your installation. However, what is certain is that a modular classroom building is likely to be potentially around 50% cheaper than a traditional build, and a refurbished one can bring this cost even lower. For a free, no-obligation quote for your unique requirements, get in touch with our friendly and expert team.

What is the lifespan of modular school buildings?

The lifespan of a modular school building will depend on how much use it gets and how many times it is moved as well as the quality of the materials it is constructed with. Most modular classrooms are designed to last a minimum of around 30 years, but may potentially last longer, especially if maintained well.

Do you need planning permission for modular school classrooms?

Yes, planning permission will be needed to install a modular school classroom, which you apply for, but we can also manage all the applications, permissions and adherence to legislation of building work and health and safety on your behalf if you opt for our turnkey services. Read more about planning permission for modular classrooms here.

Get a Quote

If you’re considering buying or hiring a modular classroom, nursery or building for other amenities or curriculum purposes, then why not get in touch with a knowledgeable member of our team? Our speedy lead times and competitive prices mean that you could be benefitting from a new modular building for your educational establishment sooner than you thought possible.