New Modular Classrooms

New Modular Classrooms

Modular Classroom Buildings

We offer high quality, new modular classrooms and modular buildings. These modern teaching spaces are designed to give you a ‘top class’ and comfortable learning facility – for a range of education establishments, as well as corporate applications.

We understand the space requirements that schools are currently faced with. With growing pupil numbers (and curriculum changes which are putting a strain on current facilities), schools are looking for an economical and efficient solution to meet these growing demands. We are that solution.

Classroom options range from early years, right through to university. We cater to the individual needs and subjects of each establishment. We can provide new and used portable classroom spaces to suit the following:

  • General Teaching, Laboratories, I.T and Cooking Rooms.
  • Libraries, Dining Rooms and Administration Offices.

See our full range of modular classrooms below:

Designed for long term durability, our classrooms are highly sustainable and comply to all current regulations. They are ideal for creating (and maximising) extra classroom space for the most demanding of school environments.

In addition to our modular school buildings, we can provide modular nurseries, dance studios, mobile changing rooms, dining rooms and more. For every building we supply, we ensure that the room temperature, lighting, air quality and acoustics exceed all expectations.

We believe that a safe and welcoming teaching environment can influence the performance of both teachers and pupils alike. Our aim is to deliver a classroom that can do just that.

What are Modular Classrooms?

Modular classrooms are energy efficient structures, designed to offer flexible working spaces for schools, colleges and other educational establishments. These buildings can be quickly assembled at a chosen location, giving you the option to expand at short notice – particularly helpful when space has reached full capacity.

Due to their nature, modular classrooms can be easily adapted to an existing school environment. Each building is fitted and furnished to the highest quality, creating the ultimate learning space for all pupils. It gives them the best platform to improve their overall academic performance.

Key Benefits

Our modular classrooms offer a cost effective and efficient alternative to traditional construction methods. Benefits include fast construction and installation times, coupled with minimum disruption to school life. We work closely with our clients to ensure that project schedules for delivery and installation fall within school holidays and out of school hours. Find out more below:

High Quality – Built with minimal impact on the environment, our modular classrooms are of the highest quality, using sustainable materials to create a durable and modern looking facility which will last decades.

More Space – If your school is looking to expand, our modular classrooms can give you additional spaces for students to learn and develop within. They can help you get the best possible use of your available space at a much more affordable cost.

Flexibility – Unlike permanent structures, modular classrooms offer great flexibility due to their portable nature. They can be easily moved around the school’s grounds and removed when no longer needed. All classrooms are built to withstand any wear and tear involved in transportation and can be safely located to an entirely new premises if required.

Speed – It’s likely that schools will find it hard to construct a building during school term, or while any other activities are taking place. By purchasing a modular classroom, you can avoid the delays and complications caused by other traditional methods – as the whole construction process is completed off-site. A modular building can be quickly built and delivered within a short time frame, heavily reducing the disruption it has on the every day running of your school.

Bespoke Design – Our bespoke classrooms can be constructed to fit your style and surroundings. They are custom built to meet the needs of teachers and pupils alike, providing the best learning facilities for a fulfilling education. We offer a full turnkey solution helping you through the entire process from planning permission to handover – all to ensure the building is tailored to your exact specifications.

What do our customers say?

"We chose Midland Portable Buildings following thorough research and comparison with competitors. We decided to choose MPB as their quote was very competitive and we were confident from the initial meetings that they were a company that we could trust to do a thorough job. We have been very satisfied with the result of the work and now have a very high quality building to further enhance the facilities here at school.

I am particularly impressed with the standard of the workmanship, the snag free finish and the flexibility that MPB offered to fit around school holidays and the various problems that holidays can bring with regard to site access etc. I would unreservedly recommend MPB and would be happy to speak to anyone interested in using their services."

Richard Ellis
Deputy Head, Summerfield Primary School

New Modular Classrooms For SEN

All of our temporary classrooms are built with SEND children in mind, whether that be for mainstream or special needs schools. Ramps are built for access to all of our buildings, as well as appropriate sized doors for wheelchair access. We can include separate disabled toilets as well as standard toilets.

We can build bespoke classrooms in a design of your choosing and offer guidance on how to best utilise the space.

Turn Key Contract

A major benefit of purchasing a modular classroom from ourselves is the option to use our turn-key project services. A turn-key project is where we offer to complete all aspects of the job from planning and design, manufacture / refurbishment, delivery and installation all the way through to hand over of the final product.

We pride ourselves on offering quality communication with our clients, letting them know what the current status of their contract is. A 360-degree service like ours gives you piece of mind that your modular school building is being handled by Project Managers who will endeavour to complete the contract on time and on budget.

Design And Planning Services

Modular Building Design and Planning

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