Double Classrooms

Two generic classroom spaces with all standard features

Double Classroom - New Modular Classroom

Creating space two classrooms at a time!

Welcome to our double classrooms page, the perfect solution for providing two classrooms for any school application. Our double classrooms are designed on providing you with two high quality, bright, comfortable and inspirational classrooms to suit your requirements with the added benefits of off-site construction, speed, no compromise on quality and less disruption.

  • Minimum of  55sq/m per Classroom Sizes
  • Air-conditioning
  • Carpet Flooring in Classroom – (Vinyl an Option)
  • LED Lighting
  • Store Cupboard
  • Lobby Area
  • Toilets are Optional
  • Range of Exterior Finishes
  • Building Regulation Compliant

We have outlined a number of standard options below, however, we can make the building bespoke to your own specifications. Please take a look at our bespoke classrooms page.

For those looking at accommodation to suit a class size of 30 students, we also offer single classrooms.

Example Double Classroom Layout

Double Classroom Gallery Including Cladding Options

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