Single Mobile Classrooms

Single Mobile Classrooms – General Teaching Space for Primary and Secondary Schools.

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Does your school require extra teaching space? Here at Temporary Classrooms, we have developed a range of single and double modular classroom formats. Our single mobile classrooms provide you with a full size working classroom, ready for use within weeks of your order.

Standard single classrooms are built to suit a class size of 30 students, however we can make them larger or smaller depending on your requirements. We have included a number of possible layout designs below. We have found these to be popular when reviewing previous orders:

  • Minimum 55sq/m classroom size.
  • Air-conditioning.
  • Carpet flooring in classroom – (vinyl also an option).
  • LED lighting.
  • Store cupboard.
  • Lobby area.
  • Bespoke toilets (optional).
  • Range of exterior finishes.
  • Building regulation compliant.

Additional Options Include:

modular toilet blocks

Lobby Area

modular toilet block


modular toilet blocks

DDA Toilets

modular office building


mobile classrooms for sale

Ramps and Stairs

modular nursery


Layout Plans to Suit Any Requirements

If our floor plans do not quite suit your requirements for a classroom design, why not design your own and send it over to us. The beauty of our industry is the fact we can create buildings the way you want them, with better lead times, less impact on the environment and also being cost effective.

single modular classroom
mobile classrooms interior

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Why Purchase a Mobile Classroom?

Mobile classrooms are ideal for use by schools, either to expand on existing facilities or as a temporary fixture while work is being carried out to other buildings. So whether your school requires a short-term solution for limited learning space, or if you need a low cost, permanent building – we have the answer.

Your single mobile classroom will be manufactured to the highest of standards and can be equipped to teach a whole range of subjects, providing the best modern learning environments for staff and pupils alike.

We also understand the importance of keeping disruption to a minimum. One big advantage of buying (or hiring) a mobile classroom building, is that on-site time is drastically reduced when compared to a traditional build – all at a fraction of the price!

We are here to ease any overcrowding issues your school may face and to meet your school’s growing needs. Our mobile classrooms offer great flexibility and can be erected wherever you desire. They can also be dismantled and moved elsewhere if required – our team are at hand to safely accommodate the relocation.

Our single mobile classrooms are energy efficient, modular buildings which are designed to suit the education sector. They are a great investment now and for the future education of your students. To enquire about any of our mobile classrooms for sale – get in touch today!

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