Temporary Classrooms’ Complete Guide to SEN Classrooms

In our 20 years in the industry, we’ve learned an incredible amount about modular buildings and their myriad uses in a wide variety of sectors. We’ve always particularly enjoyed working in education, helping schools ensure every child has a classroom that’s fit for purpose, built purely around the needs of learning. Special Educational Needs (SEN) classrooms are no exception, and modular classrooms can be instrumental in offering highly bespoke, accessible learning environments.

From understanding the fundamentals to implementing practical SEN classroom solutions, this blog explores how to create accessible, nurturing and inclusive rooms that meet the needs of every student.

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What Is A SEN Classroom?

SEN classrooms are specially tailored learning spaces designed to meet the diverse requirements of pupils with SEN requirements. They go beyond the traditional by incorporating specific SEN classroom ideas and adaptations to support all learning styles and abilities. One of the quickest and most affordable ways to create a bespoke SEN classroom is to invest in a modular building, allowing the specialised fabrication of a supportive, engaging and accessible space where every student can thrive. From adaptable furniture, sensory-friendly materials and technology that aids learning, SEN classrooms are vital for those who use them. Our approach underlines the importance of an SEN-friendly classroom checklist in guiding the creation of these inclusive spaces.

SEN Definition

SEN refers to the tailored educational support necessary for students who experience challenges in learning, behaviour, physical mobility or sensory processing compared to their peers. The essence of an SEN classroom is to foster an inclusive, supportive learning environment, adapting to individual challenges to ensure every student can access, participate in and benefit from an education. Designing SEN classrooms involves considering SEN classroom ideas to address a wide and dynamic spectrum of needs, enabling students to achieve their full potential.

Why Choose Modular Classrooms for your SEN Classroom?

We believe schools and educational facilities need to be accessible to all children, regardless of the challenges they may face. With nigh-on 20 years of experience in the industry, we have developed a great understanding of building and installing SEN-friendly classrooms. We can supply you with a modular building that meets the exact needs of the children.

Our new modular classrooms are all energy-efficient, regulation-compliant and highly adaptable. A modular classroom design is perfect for the creation of safe spaces ideal for SEN teaching. Additional features can be included to support pupils who may require extra behavioural or sensory attention.

Whether you wish to extend an existing structure or create a brand new space, our highly skilled team can build bespoke classrooms in a design of your choosing, offering complete guidance and following your SEN friendly classroom checklist every step of the way.

How to Make Your Classroom More SEN Friendly For…

Students With Social, Environmental and Mental Health Needs

This involves designing spaces that promote calm and safety. SEN classrooms can be customised with soundproofing to minimise noise, soft lighting to soothe and areas dedicated to relaxation and sensory stimulation. Incorporating nature elements can also enhance wellbeing, making these spaces ideal for supporting emotional and mental health in an educational setting.

Students With Sensory and Physical Disability Needs

These SEN classrooms should prioritise accessibility and sensory-friendly design. Modular classrooms offer flexibility for features like wheelchair ramps, adjustable furniture and tactile flooring, ensuring all students can move freely and safely. Equipping classrooms with technology that supports hearing and vision impairments – hearing loops and visual aids – further guarantees an inclusive learning space.

Students With Communication Needs

These SEN classrooms need to use technology and tools that encourage interaction and understanding. Modular classrooms can be equipped with augmentative and alternative communication (AAC) devices, visual schedule boards and spaces designed for small-group interactions to encourage communication. The adaptability of modular buildings allows for environments that help aid students express themselves and engage with their education.

Students With Learning and Cognitive Needs

Tailoring these SEN classrooms involves creating versatile learning spaces that cater to very specific individual learning styles. Modular classrooms can be designed with interactive whiteboards, customisable learning stations and areas for both focused work and collaborative projects. Flexible furniture and technology that supports differentiated instruction enable educators to meet the varied cognitive needs of students.

Looking for a SEN Classroom Solution? Contact Our Expert Team Today

If you’re looking for a partner to build your educational institution a quality modular building that will incorporate all your SEN classroom ideas, Temporary Classrooms has the skill, expertise and experience to meet your exact needs. We specialise in designing and implementing modular SEN classrooms that offer flexibility, inclusivity and a conducive learning environment for all.

Finding the right educational setting or expanding your existing facilities should never be the cause of holding anyone back in their education. Modular buildings, which can be permanent as well as temporary, are gaining in popularity for their affordability and speed of construction compared to traditional building methods.

Contact our dedicated team today by calling 01889 271406, emailing admin@mpbltd.co.uk or using our simple online contact form. We’re here to offer bespoke advice and considered solutions to help make education accessible and enriching for every student. Please visit our new modular classrooms page to learn even more about our buildings.