Unique Uses for Prefabricated Classrooms 

Prefabricated classrooms offer schools, colleges and universities cost-effective, comfortable and quickly installed learning environments thanks to their modular and customisable design. However, schools can benefit from modular classrooms and buildings in many unique ways apart from learning. In this blog, the experts at MPB are here to tell you about the most unique uses for prefabricated classrooms and how they can benefit students and staff from all walks of life.

Prefabricated Classrooms 

Religious Buildings

A 2021 census showed a decrease in those who identified as religious, but religion is still prominent among the English and Welsh population and many students and staff love designated spaces for their individual practices.

Modular classrooms for schools can be crafted into specific areas for certain demographics of students, with prayer rooms being a viable option. These can be peaceful, secluded areas and spaces for all types of religious practices, helping those who wish to utilise them do so without disturbance or distraction.

Many students love religious studies as a part of the curriculum, exploring different cultures and beliefs and opening their minds to many ways of life. Prefabricated classrooms can be transformed into these specific learning environments, in the same way they could be used for a science lab or IT room. They can be decorated with different religious projects students have done throughout the year and become a comfortable environment for all types of students to learn.

Early Years Settings

What about the younglings? Can prefabricated classrooms cater to their needs? Of course they can! These modular environments often make use of natural light, which is ideal for pre-schoolers to enjoy, creating a harmonious space injected with vitamin D.

Modular nurseries are becoming increasingly popular thanks to their quick installation and endless customisation. They can be made with flexible layouts, free-flow play areas indoors and out, toilet facilities, as well as ample safety features including non-slip flooring, padded walkways and more. Many educational facilities benefit from the speedy construction of prefabricated classrooms for pre-schoolers and have found the advantage of having a nursery environment that can encompass not only fun, comfortable learning spaces for the youngsters, but also contain areas for staff needs such as kitchenettes, offices and break rooms.

No matter how you choose to customise the layout, your early years setting will meet all health and safety regulations when constructed by MPB.

Sports Pavilions

We understand the importance of sports in schools, with students not only benefiting from physical activity but also learning new skills and finding new passions whether that’s for football, tennis, volleyball or cricket. Sports tournaments are often a highlight for many during the school year, and adequate facilities for sporting events are a must. Prefabricated classrooms can be refurbished into sports pavilions with changing rooms and toilet and shower facilities to accommodate students getting ready for the big game as well as visiting sports teams.

Modular sports pavilions can also feature spectator stands for visitors, parents and fellow students to enjoy various sporting activities. What’s more, these facilities can easily be fitted with SEN (Special Educational Needs) features, such as ramps and toilets, allowing for all types of students to use and benefit from.

Universities can benefit from installing prefabricated classrooms and turning them into gyms, allowing students to keep fit and active while balancing their studies and personal lives.

Performing Arts Studios

‘To be, or not to be: that is the question’ Fortunately, we’ve got the answer to whether you should use a modular or prefabricated classroom for performing arts, and that answer is – yes. For all the aspiring Ryan Goslings and Margot Robbies out there, all the young, budding musicians and passionate painters, prefabricated classrooms offer a standalone space for you to express yourself.

These modular performing arts studios can be designed to allow as much natural light in as possible, acoustic ceilings and walls that carry voices across the room and individual practicing rooms to play all manner of funky tunes. They offer an ideal separate space from existing school premises for performing arts and drama students to utilise, where they won’t have to worry about distracting other school members and vice versa. Tailor your performing arts studio with stages, partitioned rehearsal spaces or dance floors. Combine these spaces with editing and filming technology so you can capture the world-class performances of your students.

Get Your Unique Prefabricated Classrooms with MPB

We understand that every school, college or university will have varying needs for why they require a prefabricated classroom. At MPB, we can create tailored modular classrooms for specific requirements, no matter how unique they might be. From the design, planning applications, off-site construction, assembly and installation, exterior cladding and groundworks, our team is the ideal choice to bring your vision to life, benefitting pupils and staff alike.

To get started on your prefabricated classroom journey, give our friendly team a call on 01889 271406 or get a free quote by filling out our contact form. We look forward to bringing your unique educational spaces to life.