Used Classrooms

Used Portable Classrooms

We have high quality, used portable classrooms for sale. Our buildings offer nurseries, schools, colleges and universities the opportunity to purchase quality classroom accommodation at a lower price. Our used buildings offer functional learning areas that can still be upgraded to include “new build” features such as air-conditioning and external cladding options.

What type of mobile classrooms can you offer?

In short, any of our used modular buildings can be adapted to suit a schools individual needs. We follow Ofsted’s guidelines for both new modular classrooms and used modular classrooms. This is to ensure that school staff and their pupils are not compromising on the fundamentals when it comes to their learning / teaching environments. We can supply classrooms to suit individual subject topics such as ‘Art and Design’, ‘I.T’, ‘Science’ and ‘Dance and Drama’ – or where a different style or size of classroom is required.

Do you hire your used portable classrooms?

We certainly do! A hire contract offers a school a short term option to fix their immediate requirement for a used portable classroom. Alternatively, hiring a classroom can help a school spread the costs of obtaining valuable teaching areas, without having to spend a large chunk of their available capital.

Where do you source your buildings?

We have a network of people and organisations that we purchase our used portable buildings from. Some of the buildings are already set out as classrooms. Others can be office blocks, welfare facilities, and storage units amongst others. What we really look for is a quality chassis, roof and floor. If these are in place, any building can be adapted to suit a schools requirements.

Do you offer a warranty with your used portable classrooms?

We offer a comprehensive 12-month warranty that covers all aspects of the building. This includes structural, water ingress, electrical and plumbing faults that may occur within that time.

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