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If you only need a portable classroom for a short time, or your budget is tight you can consider a used portable classroom instead of buying one new.
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Why MPB?

  • Fast installation
  • Our team all carry an enhanced DBS certificate
  • Fully refurbished to top standards
  • Quality products, cheaper price

Our Used Portable Classrooms for Sale and Hire

Ideal for a more temporary solution while other works are being undertaken; a second hand modular classroom is a cheaper alternative than buying a new one. Not only can you buy a used and refurbished portable classroom, but we also hire them for short-term needs. We have singular and double refurbished modular classrooms ready to be installed for your needs.

Used and refurbished nursery buildings are also available as an option for sale or hire, to create a cheaper option for installing your used temporary classroom ready to use more quickly. We can modify them to your bespoke needs with installation.

Why Choose Used Portable Classrooms?

Used portable classrooms are perfect for shorter-term needs and for schools with over-stretched budgets as a refurbished modular building is a cheaper option than buying a new one.

Perhaps you have a traditional extension in mind for your school and need to move some classes into temporary accommodation, or an unusually large year group that needs extra space – considering a used portable classroom is a cost-effective way to provide for your needs in a fraction of the time. Able to be situated and then relocated, a used portable classroom is incredibly flexible and you can even hire one from MPB if your need is very short term. We have a range of used portable classrooms for sale and can suit them to specific subject topics where needed.

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Our Services

Planning Applications and Building Regulations

With years of experience in the industry, we know all the regulations and legalities and can guide you through the process of planning applications and building regulations, or we can manage the whole procedure for you with our complete turnkey service.

Exterior Cladding

With a wide range of cladding options to choose from, you can select an aesthetically pleasing option to help your portable classroom look as if it’s always been there. With different timber options at various price points, brick slip cladding – to match your traditional main building – or Clad-ex for a new portable building, our cladding options keep your building energy-efficient.

Cabin Transport and Relocation

All of our modular buildings are manufactured offsite and then transported and installed on your site with the shortest possible lead time. As our modular buildings are portable, they can also be relocated and reassembled if needed – meeting the evolving needs of the educational establishment.

Building Refurbishment

If you already have a portable modular building that is starting to look a bit tired, then we’re also skilled at refurbishing. If you are constrained by a budget, then you could also consider one of our refurbished buildings which is much less expensive than a new modular building.


All of the foundation preparation, installation of mains services, ducting and drainage will be taken care of by our skilled engineers, giving you peace of mind that it will be professionally installed and fully compliant.

What are the Key Benefits of Used Portable Classrooms?

One of the biggest benefits of a used or refurbished portable classroom is the cost savings that you’ll make. Used classrooms are a fraction of the cost compared to a new building, and as they are refurbished to the highest possible standard, you’ll be getting the best value for money.

A Cost-Effective and High-Quality Solution

Not only does a used portable classroom save you money, but you’ll still get the same high-level building product so saving your budget doesn’t have to mean a compromise on quality.

An Eco-Friendly Alternative

An even more ecologically classroom solution, a second hand modular classroom reduces waste even further as it doesn’t need the production of new materials to construct.

Less Disruption to Schools

The speed at which installing a used portable classroom can be completed means they can be in place with the minimum of disruption to the school calendar, such as during holiday periods.

Built to Last

Used and refurbished classrooms are often in excellent condition and can be used for many more years to come, they’re built for longevity with robust materials, perfect for schools with a stretched budget.

Our Process

Step 01

As soon as you place your order, we apply for planning permission and consult with you on the design and any modifications needed.

Step 02

Onsite groundworks begin to prepare the foundations while we make any modifications to your used portable classroom ready to transport it to your site.

Step 03

The building is transported to the site and installed, including connecting water and electricity and other interior and exterior fittings.

Step 04

All the final snagging checks and tasks are completed and the keys and certification for your newly installed building are handed over.

Frequently Asked Questions

Do you rent your used portable classrooms?

Yes, our used portable classrooms are available on contract hire, and are an ideal solution for schools, colleges and nurseries that need a temporary classroom solution – for example, while traditional building work goes on or for an unusually large year group, or to obtain valuable teaching areas without a large outlay.

How do you source your used portable classrooms?

We have a network of people and organisations that we can purchase our used temporary classroom buildings from. Some are already set up as classrooms whereas others can be modified for purpose. When we purchase a second hand temporary classrooms, we are looking for quality construction: chassis, roof and floor.

Do you offer a warranty on your used classrooms?

Yes, we offer a complete 12-month warranty that covers every aspect of the building: structure, water ingress, electrical and plumbing. Any faults that occur within that time are covered.

What type of used portable classrooms do you offer?

In short, any of our used buildings can be adapted to suit a school’s individual needs. We follow Ofsted’s guidelines for both new classroom and used portable classrooms. This is to ensure that school staff and their pupils are not compromising on the fundamentals when it comes to their teaching and learning environments. We can supply classrooms to suit individual subject topics such as: Art and Design, I.T, Science, Dance and Drama – or where a different style or size of classroom is required.

More Facilities for Your Used Classroom

Although your used portable classroom building may be only a temporary measure while you’re having other work completed, no matter how long the room is going to be used you will need to consider some of the additional facilities that those using the building will need.

Heating and air conditioning, toilets, kitchen areas and storage cupboards are all fairly essential additions to ensure the comfort and safe working conditions of those using the used portable classroom. Disabled access to the building, with ramps and DDA toilets, are also likely to be a necessity and if the portable classroom is going to be a longer-term solution to additional classroom space, then you may wish to add canopies or a lobby space for students to wait in on days of wet weather. With decades of experience in installing, modifying and refurbishing modular classrooms, MPB has the expertise and skills needed to ensure that the used portable classroom you’re installing meets all the needs of your staff and students.

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