What Do I Need to Know about Buying A Temporary Classroom?

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Posted On: August 4, 2022
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I Want to Buy a Temporary Classroom, What Do I Need to Know?

Timber Clad Modular Classroom

Across the year, Midlands Portable Buildings Ltd work with many school to provide new and refurbished classroom. Through discussions with our customers, we answer a range of questions regarding the process of hiring or purchasing a modular classroom. There is a lot of planning, decision making and labour that goes into starting this kind of project. This blog will help schools to understand what steps are made from start to finish and what information needs to be gathered in order for the project to go ahead and run smoothly.


How will the classroom get delivered and installed on site? For a crane, hi-ab or lorry to get onto the site, you will need a gate entrance of at least 3.1m if it is a straight run. However, if there is a bend the entrance needs to be a lot wider depending on the tightness of the bend.

Overhead Cables

Are there any overheard cables that will affect access to site or within the site itself that may alter the route the building could be delivered?

Tree Protection Order and Root Protection Order

Do you have any trees on the school site that fall under the protection orders that will determine access or the location of the building?

Requirement for Trackway

In some cases, playground or grass areas need protecting from the tires of the heavy vehicles. In this instance trackway will need to be hired to prevent damage.

Type of Ground

Modular classrooms can be installed on tarmac, concrete, other hardstanding or grass.


Our modular classrooms will need to be installed on top of foundations. The price for these can vary depending on size of building and whether you want to use traditional foundations or low impact Jackpad foundations.


We mainly deal with electric, water and sewerage. It is helpful to know where these services are in relation to where you want to install the building. You also need to consider how far away they are from the location of your building and where they will be connected. The further away they are the more it will cost in groundworks.

Proximity to Existing Building

Following fire regulations, modular classrooms need to be at least 2m away from any other existing buildings.


On average, getting planning permission through takes 8-12 weeks. This is on the basis that an architect has drawn up and submitted the plans. Planning needs to be confirmed before any building work can go ahead. Due to a Covid-19 backlog, it could take a bit longer for planning to come through.

Landlord’s Permission

You will need to ask permission for a modular classroom to be installed from whoever owns the land your school is on.

Section 77

You may need to apply for section 77 if you are wanting to install your modular classroom on a green space. This is an important stage of the planning permission if part of your green playing area is going to be reduced.


If you are a faith school, you will need to ask permission from the diocese.

When is the latest I can order a building for a summer install in the same year?

The latest we advise to put in an order for a summer install of the same year is by May. E.g. for a summer install 2023 your order needs to be finalised by May 2023.

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